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Tuesday November 09, 2010

Resources        Topics and Articles

2005 Athlete Development Newsletters/VP Reports
September, 2005 Newsletter

2004 Athlete Development Newsletters/VP Reports
        July, 2004 VP Report (PDF)
        March, 2004 (PDF)
        February, 2004 (PDF)
        January, 2004 (PDF)

2003 Newsletters
October, 2003 Newsletter from Susan Lemke (PDF)
September, 2003 Newsletter from Susan Lemke (PDF)

Canadian Centre for Ethics in Sport

Canada Winter Games

 What is CCES

The Importance of Plans and Practising Mental Skills (Power Point Presentation)

Post Match/Competition Check-list

Self-Talk Assessment Inventory

Mental Skills Power Point Presentation
(use -> to advance in presentation)

Wallet-sized drug information cards are available pdf version

The Truth about Sports Drinks (PDF)

10 Steps - Foundation for Archers

The Training Cycle (PDF)

Article on Slings (PDF)

Body & Arm Alignment (PDF)

Hand Position (PDF)

 Motivation (PDF)

Self Evaluation (PDF)

The State I'm In (PDF)

Yearly Training Chart (PDF)

Finding Time for Training (PDF)

Shooting on Angles (PDF)

Strength Training (1) (PDF)

Strength Training (2) (PDF)

 Weight Training with Free Weights (doc)

Cardiovascular vs Strength Training (doc)

From Doug Soar: Exercises for General Conditioning
                 Level 1          Level 2          Level 3

Coaching Training Components (PDF)
see   Illustration 

Dedicated Practice

 Learning to Win

 Med Ball Work

Safe Stretching (PDF)

Emotional Management

Emotional Energy

Over-bowing Children



Controlling Distracting Thoughts (Concentration)






Other Internet Resources - See Links (Resources)

"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies
within us."  Ralph Waldo Emerson