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Bowhunter Pin Program 
United Bowhunters of BC web site
Bowhunter Organizations meet BC Government, Feb, 2007        

Tuesday January 13, 2015


BCAA Bowhunter Pin Program

The bowhunter pin program recognizes the achievements of archers who hunt.
A hunter can apply for each type of game animal pin each year.
Applications and pictures should be sent to the Bowhunting Pin Program Coordinator

Bowhunter Pin Picture Gallery

2008 Season Bowhunter Pin Program Awards (pdf file)

2007 Season Bowhunter Pin Program Awards (pdf file)

2006 Season Bowhunter Pin Program Awards (pdf file)

2005 and previous Bowhunter Pin Program Awards (pdf file)

Report on Meeting of Bowhunting Organizations with the BC Government Feb. 6, 2007

On Tuesday Feb 6 representatives from the BC Archery Association, Traditional Bowhunters of BC and the United Bowhunters of BC met with Minister of Environment Barry Penner, Tom Ethier and John Thornton. Bowhunters were represented by Ted Kennedy(BCAA), Ernie Marven(TBBC), Kirk Joyal (TBBC) Jim Turner and Gord Eason (UBBC)

The three organizations presented a united front representing bowhunters of BC. We all came away believing the meeting was constructive, well worth the trip and successful. My thanks to everyone who attended especially to Ernie who left Keremeos ay 3 am in order to attend.
We went with three objectives:
1) Learn more about the so called abeyance on changes to bowhunting regs this season
2) Communicate the support of all three organizations for the Youth Hunting Proposal and request that it be implemented
3) Declare that the UBBC wishes to be considered the voice of the bowhunter in BC and wants to be consulted with respect to hunting issues in BC, especially those that have the potential to affect bowhunting opportunity.

The Abeyance
This initially was looked upon as a negative situation. However it appears that the government has recognized that the current policies and regs are seriously outdated and badly in need of updating. Rather than continue with the status quo, they are going to overhaul the legislation with our input.
I believe Jim Turner said it best.
There is no “abeyance”. The Government recognizes bowhunting and as such has determined that their current hunting opportunities strategy did not efficiently address the need to consider and create new hunting opportunities through weapons such as archery tackle. The current process and objectives were restrictive to developing bowhunting opportunities. Antiquated and behind the times were Tom Ethiers words.
The Government, in consultation with the UBBC will re-write the document to allow future bowhunting opportunities to move forward with fewer barriers. Until the document is circulated to Regional Wildlife managers and bowhunting seasons can be considered and implemented, bowhunters will continue to represent hunting on all levels including youth, recruitment, retention and sound wildlife management in good faith as we always have at Regulation meetings.
Youth hunting Proposal
We were encouraged to see that the government is interested in our youth proposal. We will continue to work with them in this area to ensure youth recruitment and opportunity benefits youth to the maximum extent possible while recognizing the needs of the bowhunter.

The UBBC as the voice of the bowhunter in BC
The government has agreed to consult with us on the upcoming policy changes. We have offered our experience, knowledge and assistance to the government at any time. In fact we will be insisting on it.
We have already been consulted on other local issues within regions.
We also indicated that we wanted a seat at the PHRAAC table. PHRAAC is the Provincial Hunting Regulation Allocation and Advisory Committee. It was this committee that recommended the so called abeyance.

We all believe we are on the cusp of the future of bowhunting in our province. We have been recognized by government and made some major inroads We will continue to work for bowhunting opportunity while respecting the needs of other hunters


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VP Bowhunting & 3D Summer 2006 Report
July 13, 2006

The competition for the 3D Nationals team was strong.  Although a lower than anticipated turn out, about 100 archers, a diversity of good shooters was recognized.  This year I modified the selection process in a few areas, the main one being selecting up to three archers in the same class.  The team has been selected via our handicapping system, four women and four men in various classes:
Samantha Wright        Loni Mancini   Sandy Dueck  Christine Reimer
Al Campsall    Wayne Lougheed        Paul Amenta   Mark Washtock
The team will represent BC at the 3D Nationals in Lethbridge in August.

Paul Amenta assisted in instructing an IBEP clinic at Burke Mountain in July.  Our attendance was lower than anticipated but the clinic was well received.  I have an opportunity to meet with the NBEF Canadian rep for IBEP later this month to discuss new material, ideas, etc.

The United Bowhunters of BC has been active lately.  The minister of the Environment has given little attention to the BCAA or UBBC and has given most of his attention to the BCWF.  The challenge at this time is that the BCWF has made a few recommendations that do not support bowhunters.  One in particular being the creation of a Youth hunt season that overlaps the Bow only season in a particular region.

Attendance at many local 3D shoots seems to be lower than in the past.  This last year a few clubs decided to lower the number of shoots they would offer in hopes that attendance would be stronger as a result.  It seems the attendance is similar regardless of the number of shoots being offered.

Respectfully submitted,
Ted Kennedy
VP Bowhunting & 3D

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