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Tuesday November 09, 2010

High School Credits for Coaching

Information for BCAA Coaches

NCCP info from FCA
Making Ethical Decision - online Judges/Coaches Secure Area
(requires password) Enter
Intro Beginner Coaching Courses

Upcoming Coaching Clinics

   Contact the Coaching Chair for more information click
   For information on the Instructional Beginner Coaching Course click

Clinics are scheduled with the financial assistance of the Province of British Columbia and SportsFunder.  info

 Coaches - "Making Ethical Decisions" now Online

The Coaching Association of Canada (CAC) is pleased to announce the launch of the Make Ethical Decisions online evaluation.
Before you start the evaluation, you will need:
(1)  Your CC number. If you do not know your CC number, please contact the NCCP Database via e-mail at coach@coach.ca. Please include your full name, date of birth, mailing address, and e-mail address in the correspondence.
(2)  An account with the NCCP Database. If you have your CC number, but do not have an account set up for the NCCP Database, please visit http://nccpdb.coach.ca/production/, click on "Sign Me Up" and follow the instructions. If you encounter any problems signing up, please contact the NCCP Database via e-mail at coach@coach.ca. Please remember to include your full name, CC number, and e-mail address in the correspondence.

Please be advised:
(1) The evaluation can take at least one hour to complete. You may quit the application in order to continue when it's more convenient without losing your place.
(2) The application only allows two attempts at successfully completing the evaluation. If both attempts are unsuccessful, you will be required to participate in a Make Ethical Decisions module in order to access the
online evaluation for another two attempts.
(3) Once you have successfully completed the online evaluation, your file on the NCCP Database will be automatically updated. To view your transcript online, please visit http://nccpdb.coach.ca/production/ and login using the same username and password you used to access the online evaluation.

If you experience any technical difficulties or you have any questions about the technology being used, please contact Lesley Brownlee, Coordinator of Information Systems at lbrownlee@coach.ca. Lesley will
provide you with technical assistance or will forward your feedback to us to help improve the online evaluation tool.

Now that you are ready to take the Make Ethical Decisions online evaluation, please visit:

Thank you for participating in Canada's National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP).

Your feedback is appreciated. Please e-mail us at coach@coach.ca with your comments.

The NCCP Team

General Information on Competency-Based NCCP Education and Training Archery Coaches
click here
for information about the new Coaching Certification system.

Instructor Beginner










This is what the BCAA is now delivering; this course has replaced the level one technical and theory and will include a tracking of the students trained, for up to one year as they work through their portfolio. The Cost of this new course is $90.00 which is a savings to the student as they no longer have to take the theory portion separately. The Instructors are Ron Ostermeier and Chuck Land.

The next step in this coaching system is still in the development stage; so the BCAA will still be offering equipment clinics and shooters clinics which are separate from the coaching stream to fulfill the needs of the Archers of BC.

For the latest information on the NCCP programs please refer to http://www.coach.ca/e/nccp/become_certified.htm

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High School Credits for Coaching

Are you a level 1 certified coach in grade 11 or 12? If so you could be eligible to receive school credits for your coaching work. If you are interested in knowing more please contact Susan Lemke (see "Admin & Contacts" link) details

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