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Tuesday November 09, 2010

Join the BCAA
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Membership Information

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 Membership Information

We are sometimes asked the question: "Why should I join the BCAA and what do I get for my membership?"  In order to answer that question we need to look at a few things.

I have often been asked the question why should I join the BCAA and what do I get for my membership.  In order to answer that question we need to look at a few governing factors.


Approx. 1/3 of our budget comes from Memberships, and that of 1/3 about 1/2 goes to the FCA for insurance coverage.  That means in reality about 1/4 of our budget comes from the membership, the rest comes from the Provincial government through Sport Services.  So if you consider that approx. 13,000 dollars is membership moneys after insurance premiums, an individual in this association has access to a tremendous amount of services for the fee they pay.


Your membership and where it goes.

The following list indicates BCAA membership fees and what goes to the FCA to cover insurance costs for our members.                                      

For a single membership of $45.00--to the FCA $11.50

For a JOP membership of $40.00—to the FCA $11.50

For a couple membership of $75.00--to the FCA $22

For a family membership of $95.00--to the FCA $25

For a club membership of $80.00--to the FCA $40


Current Programs and Services

Individuals, families, and clubs who purchase membership in the BCAA receive the following benefits and services:

􀀁 Bi-monthly mailings of the BC Archer newsletter which features instructional articles, activities and achievements of member clubs and individuals, tournament results and reports, a calendar of upcoming events, registration forms for upcoming events, membership forms, and some archery related advertising

􀀁 Membership in the national organization, the Federation of Canadian Archers

􀀁 Access to all BCAA activities and events and all FCA activities and events

􀀁 Access to coaching clinics (NCCP), bowhunting education (IBEP), judging clinics, and technical workshops

􀀁 Access to additional training and guidance in coaching

􀀁 Access to a high performance coaching system

􀀁 Provincial judge training and certification

􀀁 Eligibility to compete in the BC Indoor and BC Outdoor Championships

􀀁 Eligibility to enroll in the Junior Olympian Program and to participate in its activities

􀀁 Eligibility to compete in the BC Winter Games,  Western Canada Games, and the Northern BC Winter Games

􀀁 Eligibility to compete in the trials for team selection for the BC Winter Games

􀀁 Eligibility to try out for special teams (Nationals, 3D Championships, Western Canada, Winter Games, and Northern BC Winter Games)

􀀁 Official representation for archery to the government of BC

􀀁 Government lobby for bow hunting related activities

􀀁 Access to Athletic Assistance programs from the Sport Services Branch

􀀁 Eligibility to compete for records at our championship events

􀀁 Financial assistance for travel to the national championships

􀀁 Regulations governing all aspects of the sport in order that the sport is fair and accessible

􀀁 Records for championship events

􀀁 Inclusion in our Recognition Program for athlete, volunteer, and coach of the year


• $5,000,000 coverage for both clubs and individuals:

• third-party coverage for public liability and property damage, personal liability, personal injury, medical payments, property damage, cross liability, non-owned automobile, limited watercraft coverage, worldwide coverage, and secondary coverage for hunting

In addition to the above, clubs also receive:

• Access to the BCAA marketing package

• Eligibility to request clinics for their members

• Eligibility to bid on hosting provincial and national championship events

• Guidelines and rules for preparing for and hosting tournaments

• Eligibility to host a JOP program