Greg Durward

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Tuesday November 09, 2010

Greg D

Durward Family tribute to Greg


Photos from Greg's Memorial in Ontario
Cowichan Greg Durward Pic
Greg's Memorial Shoot at
Cowichan Bowmen

D.M. Lovo Lifetime Award Winner – GREG DURWARD


Greg Durward built an impressive electronic infrastructure for the Federation of Canadian Archers bringing consistency and ease of use to the members of the FCA. No one asked him to do these numerous jobs. He saw the need and took action to fill the need.


Greg designed and published no fewer than 13 score cards for indoor, 3D, Field and multiple outdoor target events in both French and English.  These scorecards are a godsend to tournament organizers.  Greg also developed “automatic” grids for both the Canadian Double elimination round and the FITA single elimination round which have saved countless hours of work for tournament organizers in reporting accurate results. Greg also developed an Excel spreadsheet for reporting results to the FCA and the FCA web site which is also “automatic” and has standardized the reporting process of results on the FCA web site.


Greg developed a number of databases for the FCA that have also saved countless hours of work for tournament organizers and volunteer coordinators and in addition has saved the FCA many dollars. Included in this list of databases that Greg created and refined are:


i) the database for the Canadian Championships including registration, payment and scoring the event;

ii) Canadian records management; and

iii) the FCA ranking system.


All of the above has made an enormous difference to a small sport organization to make it “run” its main business, competitive archery, better.  However, Greg’s real “tour de force” was his compilation and combination of the FCA rules and the FITA rules into one document and then putting it on the FCA website with an indexing system that makes finding the rule you need quick and easy. Greg’s ability to distil complex thoughts into simple and brief words was amazing. 


There is no doubt that the body of work that Greg has done for the FCA over his time with archery is extraordinary and deserving of the D. M. Lovo award for lifetime contribution to the sport.