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Tuesday November 09, 2010

Application for 2011 3D Judge Corps Lethbridge, AB Jan 21-23 2011

New Judge Clinics (watch here)
This Clinic is the starting point for new judges It will see the successful candidate certified as a local club judge and the foundation for the candidate to work towards a full certification as a Provincial Judge. This process takes experience in all the disciplines, field, target, indoor target and 3D after completing these disciplines successfully the candidate is certified as a Provincial Judge. The cost of the clinic is $90 per member. Every club has to have the judges in place to function as a BCAA club.

Red Shirt Diaries - Judge Newsletters
Judges/Coaches Secure Area
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Judge Re-accreditation Test 2007-2009 (with answers)

Becoming a Judge

  • Local (club) Judge
    • Pass online (or mail-in) test. details
  • Provincial Judge
    • Provincially certified with a weekend clinic
    • Oral and written exam along with 10 case studies
    • Evaluation mark of 70% must be achieved
    • Practical certification includes satisfactory experience in indoor, outdoor target and field (to get this you must work with a fully certified Provincial Judge and that judge must report to the Provincial Judging Coordinator (BCAA Technical VP) that you did a satisfactory job at the event along with a recommendation that you be certified for that event, say target indoor, then you still have to do an outdoor target and a field. Once you have done all three you will be certified as a Provincial Judge)
    • Practical certification can also be granted in target, excluding field competition (This means that if you have done both your outdoor target and indoor then you will be able to run these events as would a fully certified judge but once again must be approved by the Fully Certified Provincial Judges that you worked with.)
    • A junior judge must complete 50 hours (cumulative) of practical experience (In addition to the above)

    For more details, contact the BCAA Technical VP (See "Admin & Contacts" link in the left panel.